Vera Light

My mission is make this world a better place by helping people to boost their confidence, to improve look,to  treat problematic skin and slow down aging. We live in stressful world and everyone once in a while need to relax and regain life balance. By providing make up or skin treatments I make people to look and feel great wholesome!

Make up and skin care are my passion. I worked for many various Doctors, in retail sales, insurance companies and management, translation services, telesales, but I always came back helping others to resolve any skin care or look problems. I do Aesthetics and Make Up because I enjoy making others happy!

I am originally from Estonia,Tallinn. Live in America since 1994. Since 2002 I am a single mother of two nice young men who I raised on my own.All my professional educational skin care and make up skills and experiences obtained in United States besides European conventions and conferences.I am outgoing, ethical, professional and kind. I like people and enjoy getting together with various people of different cultures. My clientele are people of different races and nationalities.

I like to rollerblade, go for a bike ride or jog. Occasionally I visit gym or do yoga. My biggest hobby is cooking. I finished Culinary Art School in Estonia and when I have time, I m creating new dishes.I would consider that I  have a special services and my unique set of skills in the beauty industry which brings happiness and memorable moments into a lot of people's lives.